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Host / Designer Linda Peluso

Los Angeles Life Style to Montana Life Style.  Combining LA and Montana design cultures.

Many years as an International High-Fashion Model and executive  manager of several fashion stores in Beverly Hills, I made a decision to allow myself to experience a major life transition. I began to passionately fall in love with the building industry and architectural sales. Designing and building a new home and renovating an older home is truly the other spectrum in fashion design. Starting with a concept and then unleash the unlimited material options by using natural stone, porcelain,ceramic, glass, terracotta , water jet designs, mixed use materials are no doubt perfectly and marvelously endless! Impacting ones space through design, either via interior-scapes or landscapes speak for itself and one of my very favorite references is to Robin Mathew  “Design is where science and art break even” The profound enjoyment I gather when people come to me and say “Wow, I could never have imagined that”, “Okay, done Linda,  LETS JUST DO IT” are probably some of the best responses of trust I get as a private designer because it allows each client to experience a sense of courage in pushing ahead with their design dreams and to not be afraid anymore.