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Welcome to Stackwallin Build Show

Stackwallin’ is a new build show that has never been done before, using unique recycled content and mix use materials.This is the experience of Living off the Grid in a luxury home with all the modern conveniences. It will never seem like you left the burbs aside from the wide- open beauty all around you.

Imagine yourself waking up every day in your house on 20 acres of land, with 360-degree views along the Clark’s Fork Yellowstone River. This historical geography in Montana is where Lewis and Clark once traveled that is surrounded by mountains galore and the amazing wildlife to boot. You will always be connected to the comfort of the city conveniences plus having the capability to run your business. Never feeling out of touch , but just enough to give you the freedom and peace of mind you need removing that heavy daily grind of the hustle and bustle of the congested city madness. It’s about time to allow yourself the option of providing a better, cleaner, safer life for your family and even be joined by new neighbors and friends with the same idea!

 Join us as we are so excited to share our new build show with all of you…Stackwallin’ …currently in production, go to our “Come Join Me” page and we will provide you with sneak previews and updates all the while we are in production.

  A new and better way of life is actually here for you.

MUSIC BY: John Batdorf